GL651 - Red Hat Virtualization v4 Administration (oVirt)

Course Description


Course Prerequisites

Supported Distributions:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Course Outline:
  1. oVirt Overview
  2. oVirt Manager Lab Tasks
    1. oVirt Engine Install
    2. oVirt Administrator Portal
  3. oVirt Hypervisors Lab Tasks
    1. oVirt Hypervisor Node Install
    2. Hypervisor Registration
  4. oVirt Environment Configuration Lab Tasks
    1. oVirt Network Verification
    2. oVirt Storage Domains
  5. oVirt for Servers Lab Tasks
    1. oVirt Installing Servers
    2. Using Disk Snapshots
  6. oVirt for Desktops Lab Tasks
    1. Virtual Desktops
  7. oVirt Virtual Machine Templates Lab Tasks
    1. Sealing Systems
    2. Creating Templates
    3. Creating Virtual Machines from a template
  8. oVirt Pools and Users Lab Tasks
    1. IdM
    2. oVirt and Users
    3. oVirt VM Pools
  9. Advanced oVirt Lab Tasks
    1. Advanced oVirt
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