The Guru Labs Way

Guru Labs has been delivering Linux training for over 15 years. Here are just some of the reasons people choose to train with Guru Labs:

Choice of Linux distribution

When you register for most classes, you can specify the Linux distribution you want to use in class. Guru Labs courses are currently supported on the latest releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with additional support for CentOS, Oracle Linux, and Ubuntu LTS.

Hands-on learning with extensive lab exercises

Guru Labs courses feature extensive lab exercises where individuals practice the skills they will need in the real-world. Many students report they use the lab exercises for reference and guidance when performing job duties back at work.

Detailed coverage of topics

Guru Labs courses provide proper depth of coverage and are not afraid to get into the real details. Feel free to download a sample chapter and see for yourself.

Instructors that "really know their stuff"

With Guru Labs' seasoned and highly experienced instructors, you never have to worry that your questions will go unanswered. They are all passionate about Linux and very active in the Linux community.

Training for industry certifications

Guru Labs courses map well to a number of industry-standard Linux certifications. See the list of certifications our courses help students prepare for.