GL650 - Red Hat Satellite v6 (Foreman/Katello) Administration

Foreman and Katello together are the extremely popular enterprise infrastructure management solution. Red Hat Inc. rebrands Foreman and Katello as Red Hat Satellite v6.

Foreman and Katello allow complete lifecycle management of Linux servers from a single management console. The main features include the ability to centrally provision new servers whether bare metal, private cloud/virtualization platforms, or in the public cloud. After the servers are provisioned, Foreman supports centralized configuration management of the servers using Puppet, Ansible, Salt or Chef. Foreman's Katello plugin allows for versioned content repositories to move through defined life cycles such as DEV, QA, and PROD as well as errata management. Finally, when used with official Red Hat Subscriptions allows for complete subscription management.

Although Foreman can provision and manage virtually all Linux distributions, it is especially prevalent in large Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments where is it is deployed as Red Hat Satellite v6.

This 4-day course provides comprehensive hands on coverage all the of the major features starting from best practices in installation and initial configuration, managing subscriptions, products and repositories, content views, lifecycles, activation keys, system registration of existing system, bare metal and virtualization provisioning including discovery, provisioning templates, configuration management with puppet, IdM integration, smart proxies/capsule servers, virt-who, and subscription management. Additionally, the course covers the differences between Red Hat's Satellite v6 and the open source upstream Foreman and Katello.

Foreman and Katello are rather complex and students who take this class will feel comfortable deploying, configuring using best practices and managing it day to day.

Current Version: C00


An intermediate knowledge of the Linux operating system is required. The equivalent knowledge can be found in the GL120 "Linux Fundamentals" and GL250 "Enterprise Linux Systems Administration" courses.

Supported Distributions:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Course Outline:
  1. Overview & Installation
    1. What is Satellite 6?
    2. Additional Plugins
    3. Satellite v6 Component Versions
    4. System Requirements
    5. Satellite v6 Architecture
    6. Deployment Planning and Considerations
    7. Satellite Installation
    Lab Tasks
    1. Katello Node Prep
    2. Preparing to Install Katello
    3. Katello Installer
  2. Initial Configuration
    1. Hammer
    2. Satellite-Maintain
    3. Users, Groups, and Roles
    4. Parameters, Organizations, and Locations
    5. Infrastructure
    6. Managing Subscriptions
    7. Content
    8. Content Views
    9. Lifecycle Management
    10. Activation Keys
    11. Host Collections
    Lab Tasks
    1. CLI Administration with Hammer
    2. Domain and Subnet Configuration
    3. Custom Product Creation and Repository Syncing
    4. Life Cycle Environment Path Creation
    5. Content View Creation
    6. Activation Key Creation
  3. Registering Existing Hosts
    1. Manual System Registration
    2. Manual Katello Agent
    3. Automated Registration and Agent Install
    Lab Tasks
    1. IdM Node Prep
    2. Exiting System Registration
    3. Reviewing Managed Host With Hammer
  4. Host Control
    1. Katello Agent Package Management
    2. Remote Execution
    3. Job Templates
    Lab Tasks
    1. Managing Packages With Katello Agent
    2. Using Remote Execution
    3. Creating Job Templates
  5. Puppet Integration
    1. Configuration Management
    2. Puppet Architecture
    3. Masterless Puppet
    4. Puppet Facts, Variables, and Parameters
    5. Build and Maintain Custom Modules
    6. Adding Puppet Modules To Satellite
    7. Run Puppet Classes On Specified Hosts
    Lab Tasks
    1. Puppet Hello World
    2. Managing Users With Puppet
    3. Creating A Puppet Module
    4. Applying and Managing Puppet Modules With SAT6
  6. Identity Management Integration
    1. External Authentication for Provisioned Hosts
    2. What Is FreeIPA?
    Lab Tasks
    1. FreeIPA IdM Server Installation & Configuration
    2. Satellite IdM Integration Setup
  7. Provisioning New Systems
    1. Provisioning Systems With Satellite/Foreman
    2. Installation Media
    3. Partition Tables
    4. Provisioning Templates
    5. Operating Systems
    6. Bare Metal Provisioning
    7. Virtual Provisioning
    Lab Tasks
    1. Foreman Discovery Configuration
    2. Installation Media & Operating System Configuration
    3. Host Group Configuration
    4. Creating Parameters & Customizing Provisioning Templates
    5. Provisioning a new host from a discovered host
  8. Virtualization Integration Lab Tasks
    1. KVM Node Prep
    2. KVM System Virtualzation Configuration
    3. SAT6 KVM Compute Resource Creation
    4. SAT6 Provision a Virtual Machine
    5. SAT6 virt-who Configuration
  9. Deploying & Using A Capsule Server
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