On-site Linux Training

Guru Labs suggests considering on-site training when an organization has at least 7 employees fitting the prerequisites and profile for a specific class. Organizations must provide suitable classroom facilities including one workstation per student.

We will provide you with a detailed facilities checklist upon request including minimum hardware specifications for the classroom computer systems. Guru Labs will furnish all necessary software, training manuals, and additional course material. Guru Labs will also assist your organization in preparing the training venue for classes, performing all necessary software installation and configuration.

Benefits of On-site Linux Training

Corporate clients often prefer on-site training due to the extreme flexibility that it provides. With on-site training, you are in command:

  • Customized course content -- maximizes efficiency by covering exactly the desired topics
  • Customized times and duration -- classes start and stop at times that best fit your schedules
  • Minimized travel costs -- with larger groups, it is far more cost effective to pay for the instructor to travel to you than pay for all your people to travel
  • Special pricing -- more cost-effective pricing for 10 or more students

Please contact us to schedule your on-site training event.