Remote Classroom Training System Configuration and Requirements

RLabs is a virtual classroom environment. RLabs systems are available remotely via the Internet. Students and instructors of Guru Labs Linux training courses use RLabs to complete course lab exercises by using lab systems accessible anywhere Internet access is available. Please contact Guru Labs for more information.

RLabs provides two ways to access remote systems. These include an HTML5 client and a Java enabled NX client.

HTML5 Client

The HTML5 Client uses technologies inside of your browser to connect to the rlabs classroom machine. It requires that you have a recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (9+) installed. Users of Internet Explorer 8 or prior should connect using the Java NX client.

JavaNX Client

The JavaNX client uses a plug-in to connect to the rlabs classroom machine. This requires that you Java installed.

JavaNX system requirements:

  • Sun Java 1.6.0_17  or greater
  • Any modern web browser with JavaScript enabled and Java plug-in installed
  • Network connection (broadband, cable, DSL, etc...)
  • TCP Port 22 or 443 must not be filtered.

To test the JavaNX connection, please follow the instructions below:

  • Guru Labs RLabs servers:
  • Follow screen prompts
  • Connection verification is successful when the pop-up window looks like this (note the two green "PASS" indicators):

Adobe Connect Requirements: