GL290 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris Administrators

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This class teaches core Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration skills targeted for Solaris Administrators. Solaris Administrators will be able to leverage their administration experience to quickly get up to speed with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Version: C02


  • Understand the Red Hat Enterprise Linux approach in order to be able to get help and support
  • Learn how to interact with the systems through a variety methods
  • Be able to configure the system for initialization of services and shutdown
  • Use software management tools
  • Manage system devices and storage configurations
  • Secure the system through Linux networking and host security policies
  • Monitor system status for basic performance tuning
  • Use automation and deployment tools
  • Compare system commands between Linux and Unix

Unix administration experience.

Supported Distributions:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Recommended Class Length:
3 days
Detailed Course Outline: