Linux Courseware for Training Centers

Need an Instructor?
Guru Labs can also provide top quality contract instructors to deliver your Linux and security classes

Along with great partner benefits the Guru Labs Partner Program gives Training Centers access to world-class courseware. Our courseware as the foundation to successful Linux training is especially designed for the enterprise.  Guru Labs courseware empowers training centers in these key areas:

Support for Key Linux Distributions

Guru Labs' offers up-to-date material for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (from Novell), and Ubuntu LTS Linux distributions. The ability to deliver targeted training on several popular Linux distributions means higher class enrollments. Corporate clients especially appreciate the ability to run classes on enterprise Linux distributions. Currently supported Linux distributions include:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • CentOS
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
  • Ubuntu LTS

Targets Multiple Markets

Guru Labs Linux training courses map well to popular Linux certifications. This lets training centers cater to students who are primarily seeking Linux certification. At the same time, the task-focused real-world lab exercises appeal to IT professionals that just need to "get the job done right" and are not concerned with certifications. By satisfying the needs of both types of customers, the Guru Labs courseware allows training centers to target both markets when filling classes (yielding higher enrollments and greater revenue per class).

High Quality - Cost Effective

Sample Courseware?
See a sample of Guru Labs Linux training courseware in its unique layout.

Guru Labs spends thousands of hours making sure our Linux courseware contains the right content. Then we take it a step further ensuring the content is professionally typeset in a learning-enhancing layout. We believe that little things count. For example, while competitors photo-copy their materials on the lowest cost paper they can find, Guru Labs digitally prints each copy on high quality paper stock. Competitors course kits may arrive damaged due to poor packaging, but Guru Labs individually packages each kit in heavy (100mil) shrink wrap before boxing to protect it. All these little things add up for a high quality manual that students notice. Such quality reflects well on the training center.

Amazingly, Guru Labs maintains these quality standards (refusing to cut corners) while still selling courseware to partners at a lower cost than most competing Linux curriculum available.