Linux Courseware for Instructors

All of the Guru Labs courseware developers are also experienced instructors. They teach Linux classes using the very materials they create. This tight feedback loop between the classroom experience and the course development process has a powerful refining effect on the course materials. Instructors love Guru Labs Linux training courseware.  Become a Guru Labs partner today.

Less Burden on the Instructor

  • In-depth coverage of the course topics removes the need for the instructor to provide that critical bit of information that really should have been in the book to begin with.
  • Courseware technical accuracy allows instructors to put their reputation behind the lecture and lab content without fear of a student "burning them".
  • Instructor suggestions for new lecture content, demonstrations, or labs are taken seriously and are often included in the next release of the materials.
  • Special instructor book has numerous tips, factoids, demo suggestions, etc.
  • Extensive, real-world labs have been "student-proofed". Clear, consistent typographical conventions, callout notes, and carefully designed lab checkpoints guide students to complete lab exercises successfully with minimal intervention.
  • Instructors have dedicated logins to the Guru Labs Instructor Depot where they can download all the files needed for class:
    • Detailed classroom setup guide
    • Automated classroom server setup using Guru Labs' RPMs
    • Pre-configured PXE network installation setup for student machines
    • Lab files
    • High quality (PDF) slides

See a sample of Guru Labs Linux training courseware.

Instructor Support

  • Full-time Guru Labs instructors available to answer questions via email
  • Low-volume announcements mailing list for instructors
  • Emergency phone support solves problems fast and gets things back on track