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Creating Quality RPMs

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While creating classes, and just during day-to-day Linux use, Guru Labs' employees frequently encounter cool software that lacks up to date, quality RPMs. Packaging software and creating high quality RPMs is not difficult, but that doesn't mean we want to do all the work. Join us in the RPM crusade! Download the Guru Labs guide to Creating RPMs, a free sample module/lab from our world-class courseware, and start creating quality RPMs now.

Solution for Stateless Automatic YUM Local Mirror Usage

The YUM utility for installing and upgrading RPM packages normally uses a world-wide network of mirrors. This guide walks through the steps required to have your YUM clients (such as Fedora and CentOS) automatically use a local mirror for bandwidth and speed benefits.

Router on a Stick

See this guide on how-to set up a network device that routes traffic between two networks, across one data-link.

Easily Initiating a SLES/SL Network Installation

The out-of-the-box method for initiating a SLES/SL network install requires many floppies and is very time consuming. Read our guide on how to create a SLES/SL boot.iso for fast and easy network installs.

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